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with caramelized apple slices and roasted baby spinach

€ 7,00

Liver dumpling soup

typically Hessian with parsley

€ 7,20

Beef goulash soup

hearty - strong

€ 7,50

All soups are served with baguette.

Flat bread

Also to be shared by several people as starter. Thin yeast dough spread with cream and baked in the oven.

...with mozzarella and grilled vegetables

€ 11,50

...with sliced ham, spring onions and mozzarella cheese

€ 11,70

... with Serrano ham, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto

€ 11,90


Mixed leaf salad

with raspberry balsamico dressing, feta cheese, olives and mild peppers

€ 15,80

Mixed leaf salad

with raspberry balsamico dressing garnished with fried mushrooms, roasted sunflower seeds and topping at your choice:

breaded pork escalope skewer


€ 16,50


with grilled lentil patties

Fitness plate

Crispy salad selection with yogurt-herb dressing and roasted chicken fillet strips, garnished with fresh fruits, served with curry dip

€ 16,90

All salads are served with baguette.

Hand moulded cheese

We offer this regional specialty in traditional style or in new combinations. The choice is up to you.

Bauernhandkäs mit Musik

The classic way, marinated in vinegar and oil, with chopped onions and cumin, served with rye bread and butter

€ 7,80

Handkäs Deluxe

Two hand moulded cheese with green sauce (seven herbs with sour cream), garnished with parmesan cheese and rye bread

€ 11,50


As above with additional salad garnish, rye bread and butter

€ 11,80

Handkäs & Grie Soß

Two hand moulded cheese with green sauce (seven herbs with sour cream) with baked potatoes

€ 13,40


Three hand moulded cheese with music, green sauce and marinated fresh fruits, served with baked potatoes

€ 14,50

"Mühlheimer Pflastersteine"

Grilled pork fillet served in a pan with grilled mushrooms, apple slices and Calvados cheese sauce, gratinated with Handkäs, served with baked potatoes and side salad

€ 22,90

"Odenwälder Bauernsteak"

Rumpsteak (250g) gratinated with leek and Handkäs served with baked potatoes and fresh market vegetables

€ 29,90

Veggie & vegan

Gratin of homemade Spätzle

with mushrooms and Mountain cheese, garnished with roasted onions, served in a pan with side salad

€ 15,80

Spinach potato pan

potato slices, spicy spinach, onions and feta, topped with Gouda cheese, served with small garden salad

€ 15,90

Homemade lentil patty

with grilled sweet potato, carrots, green beans, snap peas, mushrooms and roasted pumpkin seeds, sprinkled with pumpkin seed oil

€ 16,60

Breaded pan fried celery slices

served with green sauce, baked potatoes and side salad

€ 17,30

Solid kitchen


with homemade curry sauce and French fries, served with side salad

€ 15,50

Homemade brawn

with fried potatoes, remoulade and salad bouquet

€ 15,90

Baked Bavarian meatloaf

served with baked potatoes, bacon, fried egg and side salad

€ 16,30


Mixed pan with Bavarian meatloaf, grilled sausage and bacon, baked potatoes and side salad

€ 16,80


Grilled beef liver

with dark gravy, roasted onions, apple slices and mashed potatoes 

(only available Saturday and Sunday)

€ 16,80

Pork fillet

with fresh mushrooms in cream, homemade Swabian noodles and fresh market vegetables

€ 19,30


Sliced fillet of pork and beef in herb cream sauce with mushrooms and cornichons, buttered Swabian noodles and side salad

€ 20,50

Rumpsteak (250g)

with roasted onions and herb butter, baked potatoes and side salad

€ 26,90


Paniertes Schweineschnitzel

Breaded pork escalope with lemon garnish, served with side salad

€ 15,90


Breaded pork escalope with roasted onions, served with side salad

€ 16,90


Breaded pork escalope with crispy bacon and fried egg, served with side salad

€ 18,30


Breaded pork escalope with mushroom cream sauce, served with side salad

€ 18,30


Breaded pork escalope gratinated with onions in cream sauce and hand moulded cheese, served with side salad

€ 18,90

Offenbacher Schnitzel

Breaded pork escalope with our green sauce served with side salad

€ 18,90

Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb

Breaded veal escalope with cranberry sauce and lemon garnish, served with side salad

€ 23,50

Side dishes to all of the above listed escalopes at your choice: Baked potatoes, French fries or Swabian noodles


Homemade apple strudel

with vanilla ice-cream and vanilla sauce and whipped cream

€ 7,20

Vanilla ice-cream

with whipped cream and warm raspberry sauce

€ 7,50

Shredded pancake

served with apple sauce and a scoop of vanilla sauce

€ 8,90

For kids:

Chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and Smarties

€ 3,90

Ice-cream by the scoop:

vanilla, chocolate, walnut, strawberry

per scoop

€ 1,20


Cassis sorbet

per scoop

€ 1,20

Portion of whipped cream

€ 0,50